Young people say Not In Our Name

Monday 15th August 2011


More than 300 young people affected by the recent London riots gathered at Westminster Central Hall earlier today to have their voices heard at an event organised by CoSpA in collaboration with 12 other organisations.

Not In Our Name was a non-political, non-denominational event designed to give young people the chance to have their say on what has happened, to connect with others who want to be a part of the solution, and to discuss what actions need to be taken. CoSpA also organised for a group of young representatives to meet with the Prime Minister to feed back on the event.

The other organisations involved in Not In Our Name, together with CoSpA, are: Arrival Education, Changemakers, Leap Conflict, London Youth, Magnificent Generation, MTV, MyGeneration, NCVYS, The Challenge, UK Youth, V-Inspired and Youth Net.