About us

Our approach is about ‘solving problems worth solving’ in creative, compelling ways which   delight government, charities and causes, and generate rich business, marketing and social responsibility opportunities for companies and brands.

What we do

At Cospa, we create and deliver social action projects that are enabled and co-funded by private, public and third sector organisations working in collaboration.

By ‘social action’ we mean projects that inspire, mobilise and benefit communities and society at large – and most of our work is focused in areas like education and training, social enterprise, health and sport, volunteering and community-cohesion.

We also work largely, but not exclusively, with youth audiences.

Our clients and partners comprise a mix of brands, companies, government and other public sector organisations, charities and causes – both in the UK and internationally – and our services range from strategic consultancy, idea generation and partnership brokering through to ‘on the ground’ activation and delivery.

What makes us different

  • We have very strong existing cross-sector connections and relationships
  • We have a track record in combining brands, causes and public sector organisations in compelling, successful alliances
  • We are more than match-makers - we originate rich, creative ideas and also activate projects on the ground